Hello! my name is Fabiola and I am a Spanish Female Voice Over Talent with:

  • Neutral Spanish accent
  • Mexican accent
  • International Spanish accent
  • Latin American Spanish accent or LATAM

I was born and grew up in Mexico and live in Paris since 17 years now.

Belonging to a multicultural environment, I am fully trilingual Spanish/French/English… and still learning other languages!

my-voice-is conversational, smiley, warm, real, friendly, young, millennial, casual, corporate, instructional, upbeat, caring, fresh, smooth, and natural.

I also record French voice over with Parisian accent and slightly hispanic accent, and English with International or US accent.


When I’m not working on voices projects.. I enjoy playing the piano and singing... spending time with family and friends… I love sports and healthy lifestyle: I practice Kung Fu, Yoga and Running and of course preparing yummy and healthy recipes :)